Corrections and Expanded Instructions

It is very important that you read the General Instructions before putting together any of the quilts in the books.
By putting instructions for how to piece different units in General Instructions I didn’t have to put them, over and over, in each individual pattern, which made it possible to include 6 patterns in each of the books.

In the future, when the second printing of each of the books is gone, I will be offering the patterns individually as e-patterns (downloadable online). If you want all patterns in one set (which comes to a cost of about $3.35 each pattern) you will need to purchase them in the books.

Once this reprint is sold out they will only be available online, as downloadable e-patterns.

Diamond Braid pattern – corrections and more detail.
Please print the pdf and include it with your pattern. I’ve given greater detail on value placement in the blocks to make piecing this even easier and there are 4 corrections you should look at before you start.

Sizzle ‘n Pop – Hollyhocks – expanded instructions
I was recently asked about the Hollyhocks fabric requirements. Specifically, on page 3 of Sizzle ‘n Pop it asks for “One 8″ square of watercolor blue” (this is the fabric used in the border). What is this for???

This is used for the Upper Right and Lower Left Corners of the quilt as shown in the photo.

These two corners do NOT include the dark green strip you see in the other setting triangles.

Simply take your 8″ square and cut it once diagonally to yield the two corners for your quilt. Once all of the quilt has been pieced, sew these two final corner units to the top to complete it