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Stabilizers. We used #2020, 44″ wide.

A source for all kinds of supplies for artists

Glitter and Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive.

More art supplies

Screen Trans Development Corp. 100 Grand Street Moonachie, NJ 07074 phone: 201-933-7800

My source for the Foils and the Foil Adhesive. You can contact them and order a sample kit for a nominal fee.

A source for Foil, Glitter & Adhesive (Tonertex works with both foil and glitter, is permanent on fabric, is water soluble and can be thinned for a sheer application). BoNash.

Tsukineko Inks and all kinds of other artist supplies for the quilter and fiber artist.

Sew Slip- for free motion sewing. This wonderful sheet lays on your sewing machine, silicone on the back so it won’t shift, teflon on the top so your fabric just glides. READ about this below:

Inks, Stencils, Books

If you looked on my site and saw the Wonder sheets you will know they are more than the ordinary teflon pressing sheets.
They are a sheet of
fiberglass coated on one side with teflon and
the other side with silicone. I have used them primarily as
craft sheets and have found the silicone side great at keeping things where I want them. I also like the fact that
I can press on either side, that
it protects my table top so it doesn’t get scorched, but I really like it for a totally different reason.
I love it for sewing free motion. If you cut a hole in the sheet where your needle sews you can lay the silicone side down on your sewing machine and, because now the teflon side is on top, slide your project easily.
It has helped my hands so I don’t hurt or get fatigued so quickly. It makes it possible to keep my shoulders down instead of tight up around my ears. I don’t grit my teeth or lock my jaw or all of the other things I used to do when dragging a large piece around with gloves on.
The thing is… I have decided to stop carrying inventory except for what I kit up to go with patterns and projects. I plan to concentrate on designing and writing patterns and books. I am leaving the retail sales and retail shows to others. SOOoooooo
Here is my source for the Wonder Sheets. But guess what? Nancy Hepp has pre-drilled a hole in it already (so you don’t have to) and calls them Sew Slips. Thanks, Nancy, great idea.

Great inspiration for sun painting! She frames and sells her art. Beautiful work.

Rubbing plates, stencils, paint stiks, foils, adhesive

They sell the inks plus lots of other hard to find items.

They sell the inks plus lots of other surface design items & lots of batiks.

Remember Patty from Class? Jackets, bags, dolls & other patterns.

fun quilting jewelry in clay

HUGE selection of batiks. Very quick response time, high quality fabrics, extras that are hard to find items. I love ordering from her store. Plus she has a reallyincredible retreat house. Contact Barbara or Dave for more information.

Quilting in the Desert; Phoenix, AZ. Offering 5 days of quilt making workshops with internationally renowned quilt instructors.

Bali Pops available now and lots and lots of beautiful batiks here!

Bali Pops, large assortment of batiks and other items